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The Accident I Hardly Remember

The Accident I Hardly Remember

It’s crazy to think that my mother has now been gone for five years. Until this past summer, I still found it hard to let go of her death because of the medical malpractice that killed her. Although we received a settlement for the doctor’s negligent actions, I didn’t feel closure about what happened. It seemed as though my luck would never get better because this past summer, I saw death flash before my own eyes. 

My Truck Accident

I was driving through Richmond late one night when an 18-wheeler came up beside me on the highway. I didn’t think much of it at first, but suddenly and without warning, the truck swerved into my lane; there was no time to react. The truck pushed my vehicle into the median and my car flipped three times. The truck toppled over on its side and missed me by just a few feet.

Although I was unconscious after the accident, I survived. I had broken ribs and a minor brain injury from the crash, and I knew my medical bills would be massive. Because the truck driver was at fault for what happened, I hired a Richmond truck accident lawyer to help me file a claim.

The Truck Accident Claims Process

My lawyer handled the claims process for me. After gathering evidence from the scene of the accident and assessing how the accident occurred, it was determined the truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel

Because a trucking company employed the driver, we had to sue the trucking company for a settlement. We brought forth such a strong argument, the trucking company offered a reasonable amount of money and settled with little pushback. 

Moving Forward for Good

Although my truck accident was traumatic in many ways, I think it helped me in my healing process with my mother. Weirdly enough, I think hitting rock bottom was what I needed to move forward for good. I now feel like I’ve forgiven and let go of what happened to both my mother and me. I can use this settlement money to start fresh and choose the life I hope to live.

I still experience some symptoms from my injuries after the truck accident, but I’m honestly thankful for this collision because I’d choose these lasting symptoms any day over the emotional pain I once felt.

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