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Protecting Our Mothers

Protecting Our Mothers

Losing my mother was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. It took longer than the average grieving period because she died from medical malpractice and I couldn’t forgive the doctor for his negligence. I’m still coming to terms with the fatal accident five years later, but I’ve made so much progress. One thing that helps me heal is reading stories of others who have been through similar experiences.

A Story Similar to Mine

One woman I read about experienced something similar with her mother, although her mother luckily didn’t die. One day last Summer, this woman’s mother was injured in Meridian at the local grocery store. She had been picking up a few things for dinner that night when she unexpectedly slipped on spilled apple sauce in the aisle. She violently fell to the floor and her head hit the tile.

The woman’s mother was unconscious after the fall and was rushed to the emergency room. She broke her arm in three places as well as her shoulder when trying to catch herself. After hitting her head, she also suffered bleeding in her brain. At first, they thought she might not survive, but thankfully she pulled through.

Recovering and Seeking Justice

The recovery process after the fall was brutal. It took her months to regain her strength and her mind would never be the same. With the help of the police and a lawyer, it was determined that the store owner was responsible for the fall because the apple sauce had been on the floor for over an hour. This negligence falls under premises liability law.

I’m so glad to know the woman’s mother was okay, but it was a close call. The daughter is the one who wrote about the experience online. She’s been by her mother’s side ever since the accident occurred. I identify closely with this woman because she feels helpless in protecting her mother from the negligence of someone else.

She was able to help her mother through the legal process and seek justice like I did with my wrongful death claim. I think we both know that money can’t cure everything even though it helps in the healing process. I think I’ll message this woman and tell her my story. I know reading her story made me feel less alone and I’m sure hearing my story would make her feel the same.

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