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Pepper Pen Mein’s Community Site

Pepper Pen Mein’s Community Site

My name is Pepper Pen Mein, and I lost my mother to medical malpractice. She was carelessly given the wrong medicine for a back surgery she’d undergone months prior and eventually experienced heart complications because of the prescription given to her by her pharmacist and prescribed to her by her doctor. 

At her age, it was a miracle that she was able to survive the original back surgery itself. To lose her life because of an easily avoidable error is shameful to her legacy. She raised four children by herself after her husband, my father, perished during the Vietnam war. 

Our family didn’t always have it easy, but thanks to her constant love and support, each of us got a fair chance at the American dream. A firefighter, therapist, and soldiers were born from her love and commitment. Our family consistently gave back to our community, and it’s a shame that our mother didn’t receive the medical professionalism that she deserved. 

Of course, we won our medical malpractice claim because of the substantial evidence against the other party. However, just because we won a victory in the name of our mother, doesn’t and won’t stop future instances of medical malpractice. The sad truth is that medical negligence is almost impossible to get rid of unless you remove the human element. 

While I’m sure that robots will soon take over our world and the Skynet A.I. from the Terminator films will finally become self-aware, this remains a faraway possibility even with our current technological advancements. For now, we’re always at the mercy of other humans, and as I’ve witnessed first-hand, humans can kind of suck at their jobs. 

While I’m saddened to no longer talk to my mother, I think she’d want us to move on and return to our usual happy selves. She had a beautiful life with experiences that many could only ever dream. So why are you reading my back story, you ask? 

Well, after some time thinking about how I can help the world through my experiences, I decided to create a community focused on medical malpractice. Sure, we share tips and tricks about handling a medical malpractice claim, but we also use this site as a place for remembrance. 

Every painful and joyful step of the process of losing your loved one to medical malpractice is welcome here. In the same manner that I described the life and times of my mother, please do the same for your loved ones. Welcome to